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World Crypto Con

Welcome to the World Crypto Con Spotlight series. Today’s guest: Vesa Kivinen.

World Crypto Con

World Crypto Con (WCC) is a platform for industry leaders to share their knowledge of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, as well as introduce their projects to the world. WCC welcomes both experts and novices to attend; there’s something for everyone.

Our World Crypto Con Spotlight series will be focusing on moments from the conference, speaking to headliners about their experience with WCC.

Thanks to World Crypto Con, we at had the pleasure of interviewing Vesa Kivinen, crypto artist and filmmaker, with strong influences in the blockchain art space.

Today, Vesa will be giving you a sneak peek at his keynote, integrating creativity, blockchain, and marketing all in one.

World Crypto Con Spotlight: Vesa Kivinen

Q: Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

A: I’m a mixed media artist currently living in London. My early years as a professional creative were influenced by Ken Wilber—the father of integral theory. This means to look at the projects from multiple angles including spirituality, economy, relationships, movements, politics, and philosophy.

Q: You are a renowned artist. Why do think art is important in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space? They are not a usual pairing, are they?

A: Oil paint is technology. It is just a very old one, so people don’t think of it as that. Our capacity to express has, for a very long time, been coupled with technology. The status quo of the art world mostly explores the past and is critical of the present. I relate to the giants of our past who dared to also imagine where we might be going.

Q: How can one benefit the other in your eyes?

A: The people who are involved in the tech space are rarely great communicators. The actual substance of the blockchain space inspires awe. We’ve only scratched the surface of understanding what will now be possible due to this invention. Coupled with VR and AI, it offers hope for the whole human enterprise. We’ve created an enormous amount of wealth during the past couple of centuries, but this has fuelled a lot of corruption too. Bitcoin and the decentralized solutions that follow it deserve their story be told in various ways to help people get why they are relevant.

Q: Separate from your artistic endeavors in the space, how has cryptocurrency inspired you? What excites you about this world?

A: They can’t really be differentiated from one another. The resources of the space were a part of the push towards creating the Art For Crypto platform, but it was driven first by getting rabbit holed by its potential. Blockchain allowed me, for the first time, to be authentically inspired by money. After hearing someone like Andreas Antonopoulos speak for a couple of hours, you have to be a bit tone deaf to not see why.

Q: You’ve been speaking at many conferences lately, how has the reaction been to your talks?

A: It’s been intense and engaging. I try not to get ideological despite excitement and present as balanced of a perspective on it as possible with a creative angle. Of course, adding a show element to the keynotes and art exhibits helps to transmit something people have not yet seen others do in it. Having just accepted a brand ambassadorship for Orion Vault and a collaboration with FourPark Blockchain, there are plenty more to come. There is a third new Fortune 100 company collaboration going forward, which will open up new doors, but this is not something I can talk about publicly yet.

World Crypto Con

Q: How has the reaction been to your cryptocurrency art pieces?

A: The reaction is supportive and positive. People buy them and space keeps offering me new opportunities. It is one of the best moves I’ve ever made and has helped me to develop as an artist and a human being.

Q: You have created a limit on some of your art pieces, similar to how, say, there is a limit on Bitcoin. Is this working? Are you finding that it helps sell your art to crypto-enthusiasts who feel there is a finite number?

A: I’m currently in the process of re-limiting the editions much more due to my new partnerships. As a result of fewer works available, the price will significantly increase. I innovated a new pricing system on how this art is sold for the flagship series Artevo, which functioned okay but only for a select few who took the trouble of understanding it. The price doubling mechanism will now finally have the necessary decentralized trust behind it due to smart contracts. I can’t wait to write the News BTC launch article on this once all the contractual details are sorted.

Q: Tell us about Artevo and how it works?

A: The word Artevo comes from the combination of art and evolution. It describes the content well but is also a reminder to keep constantly moving forward. The combination of content and technique is illustrated well in the two-minute opening video of the site. To write it would take more than people have the patience for in this format without doing the whole thing a disservice.

Q: What does the future hold for yourself and Artevo?

A: I just saw the first VR demo of an Artevo piece, and we are developing the experience further with a Swedish AR/VR company called Wavr. The quickly put-together demo alone felt like looking at the future of art. I feel fortunate to be one of the first to ride this overwhelming wave. As mentioned, these pieces require a certain state of mind to open up, which I feel will be greatly increased by immersive experiences.

Q: What are you most excited about for World Crypto Con?

A: My own part is a big challenge to get right, but the totality of what Adam and the guys have put together is the future of crypto conferences. There will be a new reality for what people expect from these gatherings after it, which raises the bar for everyone.

Thanks again to World Crypto Con for the opportunity and to Vesa Kivinen for taking the time to speak with us.

Vesa Kivinen will be attending the ‘Mariposa Keynote Stage’ on November 1st, and will also be performing his crypto live art on November 1st.

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Featured image: Art for Crypto

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