The Industrial Blockchain, Descartes’s Kernel & Electronic, Will Open up a New Era of AI


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More than 300 years ago, the philosophical concept of “I think so I am” opened up a philosophical reflection of an era. Its author is Rene Descartes, a great philosopher, mathematician, and physicist.

His thinking and theory have always guided the progress of science and technology in later generations. With the emergence and development of artificial intelligence and quantum technology, the dialectic of technology and philosophy is pushing humanity to open a new era.

In 2009, when “Satoshi Nakamoto” officially launched the Bitcoin financial system, the development of human Internet technology also officially ushered in a peak.

According to a report released by industry Intelligence Company Report buyer, the global blockchain market will increase from US$411.5 million in 2017 to US$7.683 billion in 2022, representing a compound annual growth rate of 79.6%. Market research firm Gartner predicts that blockchain-based businesses will reach around $10 trillion by 2020. In 2018, it was called as the “first year” of the widespread application of blockchain technology.

Integrate Descartes’ core of thought with the scientific development of the electronic age, combining quantum technology, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. The Descartes’s Kernel & Electronic blockchain project was born, the project short name – DKE chain.

Based on the blockchain platform, DKE chain is committed to leading the blockchain technology innovation, promoting industrial upgrading, opening up a bridge between virtual, and reality. Through direct application in the fields of finance, medical care, travel, entertainment, etc., it affects and promotes all aspects of people’s lives, making life more convenient and safer.

Imagine one day, when you wake up, open your phone as usual, check the rise of digital currency DKE in your wallet, and add “energy” to your quantum intelligent robot “Descartes Source” – the data storage unit “Cloud Drive” “, last night it unearthed more DKE for you.”

Get up and wash, you don’t have to worry about the number of daily necessities, Descartes Source connected to your smart home, will automatically help you to add. At this time, the knocking sounds, the breakfast is just right – Descartes Source will analyze your sleep state, know when you wake up, and match and order breakfast according to your health and nutritional needs, and a cup meets the coffee of your taste and temperature is in the coffee machine. Before going out, Descartes Source will recommend clothing for you based on your schedule and weather conditions today.

At work, Descartes Source will help you intelligently screen your reasonable itinerary, sort out commotion items, and help you with a nutritious lunch. When it finds your tired state, it will lead you to some soothing exercise. After work, it will tell you the best route to the family gathering today, and the gift you prepared in advance is delivered. When you exercise, Descartes Source will automatically connect your sports coach and schedule your exercise according to your physical condition. It also monitors the health of your family members in real time and connects to your family doctor at any time. For example, in the high season of influenza, the preventive drugs have been prepared in advance.

All of this is paid directly through DKE; all you have to do is to add “Cloud Drive” to the Descartes source in time. When you are on vacation with your family, you don’t need to exchange currency in advance, because the blockchain-based digital currency DKE, for the world’s distribution and circulation, can be directly consumed, without exchange rate troubles…

Maybe you think that this will only happen in the distant future, but with the rapid development of technology and the popularization of various innovative technologies, DKE chain has brought Descartes source to reality. DKE chain is striving to deepen the development and integration of artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and blockchain. Without waiting for the “years of life”, the dream life will soon be realized.

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