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American Airlines’ eShopping mall lets you stack up extra miles on your online purchases

By Kelli Bamforth  |  Published: November 16, 2018

AA shopping guide

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Although branded credit cards are a popular way to score free
flights with your favorite airline, travelers don’t have to pay steep annual
fees or risk racking up interest charges to satisfy their wanderlust. For
example, if American Airlines is your airline of choice, one way to build your
miles balance is to sign up for its AAdvantage eShopping Mall. With hundreds of
retailers available at the click of a button, you can shop from the comfort of
home and accelerate your mileage earnings at the same time. 

What is American
Airlines AAdvantage eShopping Mall?

American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping Mall is American Airlines’
online shopping portal, which lets you earn AA miles by making purchases at
more than 850 retailers, including Macy’s, Kohl’s, Apple, Barneys and more.
You’ll also qualify for bonus mile offers, seasonal specials and exclusive
deals to further boost your earnings. Registration is free, and you don’t need
an American
Airlines-branded credit card
to qualify. All you need is your AAdvantage
membership number and a credit or debit card to get started. 

How to join
AAdvantage eShopping

  1. Join AAdvantage. Before
    you can take advantage of AAdvantage eShopping, you’ll first need to enroll in the
    Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer program
    , if you haven’t already.
  2. Enroll in AAdvantage
    With your AAdvantage account number handy, register at the AAdvantage eShopping website at no
    charge. You’ll need to provide your name and email and create a password for
    logging in.
  3. Register
    your cards.
    Before you can start earning miles, you’ll need to register the
    debit and/or credit cards you’re most likely to use with the AAdvantage eShopping
  4. You’re all

How to use
AAdvantage eShopping

Using the AAdvantage eShopping program to earn American Airlines miles
is as easy as visiting the portal’s website and
logging in with your AAdvantage member number and password. Then click on the
online stores, offers or categories to search for products that interest you.
You’ll be redirected to the store’s website to complete your purchase. 

Besides earning miles, AAdvantage eShopping members periodically benefit
from special offers, which they can use to earn bonus miles, free shipping and other
perks. (Note: Outside coupons typically can’t be used in conjunction with the
online portal.) Remember, going directly to a retailer’s website or physical
store location means you won’t earn miles on what you buy. You’ll also need to
pay using one of your pre-registered debit or credit cards, otherwise your mileage
earnings won’t be credited to your AAdvantage frequent flier account. 

How many
miles can you earn with AAdvantage eShopping?

Similar to the AAdvantage
Dining program
, the number of miles you can earn with AAdvantage eShopping depends
on the store and how much you spend. For example, retailers sometimes offer bonus
miles only when you spend a certain amount.

However, a quick scan of the portal shows that most purchases are
worth anywhere from 1-5 miles per $1 spent, although some partners offer much
more. Per the program’s terms and conditions, there’s no guaranteed number of
miles, and both participating retailers and the miles they offer can change

Once you make a purchase, your frequent flyer miles should be
credited to your account within six to eight weeks. If you think you’re missing
rewards, you can log in to your account and fill out a missing rewards form. 

How to
maximize AAdvantage eShopping

  • Upload all of your debit and credit card
    numbers to your account. That way, you won’t miss out on accruing miles by
    accidentally using a card you didn’t register with AAdvantage eShopping.
  • Opt in to marketing emails to stay up-to-date
    on the latest AAdvantage mileage earning opportunities, special deals and
  • Install the AAdvantage eShopping button to get
    reminders to earn miles at store sites, see mileage offers in your search
    results and view your recent mileage earnings.
  • Check the AAdvantage eShopping website before
    buying anything online to see if your retailer of choice participates in the program.
  • Be sure to enter any required AAdvantage eShopping
    coupon codes when completing your purchase.
  • When you’re in the eShopping portal, organize
    participating stores by earn rate (versus name) to see which retailers offer
    the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Update your account with any new cards. Keep
    your AAdvantage eShopping account up-to-date with your debit and credit card
    numbers, including any replacements you’ve requested if one was lost or stolen.
  • Check your AAdvantage frequent flyer account
    regularly to ensure your miles are properly credited. If you don’t see a
    purchase on your activity statement, you’ll need to contact
    AAdvantage eShopping
    and provide any requested documentation for

eShopping sign-up bonus

From now through Nov. 18, AAdvantage eShopping miles can earn up
to 4,000 bonus miles based on minimum spending requirements. You’ll accrue 500
bonus miles when you spend $150; 2,000 when you spend $600; and 4,000 when you
spend $1,200. It’s the perfect time to start making dents in your holiday
shopping list! 

credit cards to use with AAdvantage eShopping?

American Airlines currently offers 10 co-branded credit cards from
three different issuers, all of which can help you amass miles at a quicker
rate when used in conjunction with the AAdvantage eShopping program. Some
examples include:

eShopping partners

More than 850 retailers participate in the AAdvantage eShopping program
– everything from national chains like Macy’s and Kohl’s to specialty stores
such as Diane von Furstenberg and Nordstrom. Merchant categories include: 

  • Shoes (New
    Balance, Foot Locker, Adidas)
  • Furniture
    and Décor
    (Pier 1, Home Depot, Big Lots!)
  • Food and
    (Omaha Steaks,, Blue Apron)
  • Travel and
    (Holiday Inn,, Holiday Inn)
  • Computers
    and Electronics
    (Microsoft, Samsung, Dell) 

Visit the AAdvantage
eShopping website
to view the full list of categories and


Using the AAdvantage eShopping program is really a no-brainer for
any American Airlines enthusiast, current AAdvantage member or would-be
jetsetter. Check out the AAdvantage
Dining program
for another easy way to build up your AAdvantage balance and get
to that next reward flight quickly.

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