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If you don’t know what a blockchain game is – join the club. I used to think that people were talking about crypto gambling whenever I read or heard about them. As I found out after a bit more research, I was wrong.

My colleagues from Gameunculus decided to help me and wrote an article about blockchain games. Let me sum up what I’ve learned and explain it to you.

So. Basically crypto games, also called blockchain games or gaming dapps, are online games (mobile or PC) whose code is partly or entirely run on a blockchain.

But why put games on a blockchain?

Centralized, mainstream gaming has issues. One of them is that, over the past decade, gamers have spent valuable time and money grinding for digital items whose ownership they could not secure nor prove. Furthermore, it’s always unclear who is the real owner of the items; the developers or the gamer? Let’s keep this question open.

Tokenization. Wha??

Crypto games try to solve the problem of digital item ownership by tokenizing said items. It means anybody can check the blockchain.

Fungus? WHA??? (omg could you please learn english)

Tokens on a blockchain may be fungible or non-fungible (oooh now I see!). Fungible tokens are all interchangeable, and have the same value. In gaming, they usually work as a native currency that is used within the game.

I hope now you have a better understanding about blockchain games. But if you don’t like me and my report you can always read full article

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