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Home Banking News Crypto assets: Should regulation be the top priority?

Crypto assets: Should regulation be the top priority?


Crypto assets: Should regulation be the top priority? – Central Banking

Central Banking


  • Alberto Asquer, Senior lecturer in public policy and management, School of Finance and Management, SOAS University of London
  • Henry Holden, Committee on payments and market infrastructures and member of secretariat, Bank for International Settlements
  • Jekaterina Govina, Adviser to board member, Bank of Lithuania
  • Moderator: Rachael King, Associate editor, Central Banking Publications

There is no doubt 2018 has been the year of regulatory reckoning. Central banks worldwide are now talking about regulating crypto assets, but should the official sector crack down on crypto assets at the risk of stifling innovation?

As technology becomes an increasingly important element of financial services, central banks have come under pressure to maintain the stability of the financial system. Crypto assets have emerged as a thorn in regulators’ sides – they are unsure whether to prohibit their use or grant them the same rights as fiat currency. 

Key topics discussed include:

  • The differences between crypto assets and fiat currency
  • The risks crypto assets pose to the financial system
  • Different regulatory approaches to crypto assets
  • What the future holds

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