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The dApp Market looks.. concerning.

According to Statistics from DAppRadar, It appears as though most of the solutions we see on Ethereum dApps are Decentralized Exchanges such as Fork Delta or IDEX. As seen below, transactions range from 1 – 4.5K ETH in volume with an average of 600-1000 users in 24 hours.

IDEX still leads with the highest transaction volume in the past 7 days in the Ethereum Category.

IDEX & ForkDelta

In second place we see that gaming-focused applications like CryptoKitties with high transaction volumes. Further interests in games such as Ethermon (based on the Pokemon universe) are garnering interest.

But not too much besides gaming and gambling.

CryptoKitties & EtherMon

The situation with EOS is similar: its network is most often used by companies with a gambling or gaming theme, which attracted transaction speeds of up to 500 milliseconds per block.

Just take a look at the top 7 dApps in popularity under the EOS category and realize how many gambling/gaming platforms are up there.

EOS Category

TRX is also plagued with Gambling related services.

Fair enough, there are plenty of reasons why blockchain and gambling work. But beyond this, to cover the real world use cases and issues.. where are we at?

This leads me to a several question which really annoys me:

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