AERGO Hybrid Enterprise Blockchain Launches New SQL Testnet exploring SQL on Private and Public Chains


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Spotted a recent tweet by the AERGO Team and it looks like they been busy lately!

  1. SQL is now supported on newly launched SQL public testnet and private chains.

  2. There’s a new Block Producer Votes Page.

  3. Launch of New Polaris Server

SQL Public TestNet

Block Producer Votes Page

Polaris Server

What is Polaris?

Well it’s a server that provides node discovery for the Aergo server. For bootstrapping new nodes, the npaddpeers configuration option can be used to connect to designated peers.

However, since Aergo version 0.11, the new Polarais server has added the ability to automatically connect to nodes belonging to the specified block chain without manually creating the node list information.

The terminology used is a high level mini coverage on the recent updates on AERGO. It seems like they’re really grinding their gears and hoping to see a thorough breakdown of the tech in the near future for the layman.

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