Universal, Multi Token Wallet Announced by Midas Protocol


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Like any currency, cryptos need a place to be stored by people. As the technical equivalent of fiat personal storage, these digital and hardware storages are aptly called e-wallets. With a large number of wallets for cryptocurrencies in the market, the selection process for users relies on the level of security, ease of access and use case.

The Midas Wallet

Apart from the security and ease of use, one of the biggest issues crypto wallets face is the support of multiple systems. With so many different blockchain ecosystems, wallets usually have limited support for different cryptocurrencies. Midas wallet is a universal crypto storage system that supports a large variety of blockchains and protocols.

It has native support for BTC, ETH, ZCOIN, USDT, TUSD, TOMO and all other coins which are built on ERC-20, NEP5, and TRC-20 token protocols. The list does not end here, with the developers continuing to add support for other tokens and coins.

The wallet even supports IDEX and the Kyber Network, allowing wallet holders to trade over 500 tokens directly from their wallet. This gives added security to their trading since traders never hand over their assets to the trading platform and they are always in their control. The wallet has a number of features:

  • Multi-Platform: The wallet is available on both Android and iOS with desktop and web versions coming soon.
  • Easy Transactions: Send and receive cryptos as easy as using a leather wallet for fiat.
  • Safe Spending: Secure connection to e-commerce platforms that accept crypto.
  • Trading: Trade directly from the wallet for decentralized exchanges, or through a secure API for traditional crypto exchanges.
  • Control and Manage Portfolio: Users can view and manage their assets and see a history of all trades and transactions. Wallet holders even get notified if the asset portfolio changes or trades are executed.
  • Follow Strategies: Midas wallet users can follow the trading strategies of top level investors, mirroring on their own.

Other features include further encryption of wallet private and API keys for the strongest security ever. The Midas wallet is also connected to Sentinel Protocols Interactive Cooperation Framework API that offers a Threat Reputation Database. This essentially contains a white and a blacklist of threats such as phishing, hacks, scams, and malware to further protect the user if he or she connects to a compromised system.

Vinex Exchange Connection

Midas Protocol has partnered up with Vinex, a crypto exchange that offers Midas wallet users with unparalleled services, such as :

  • Fast trading, with the ability to process 500,000 orders per second.
  • API support, allowing traders to connect their wallets through third-party trading bots
  • Staking let’s users earn $DIVI while storing tokens.
  • OTC Trading for instant and easy trading.
  • An airdrop centre for free coins and tokens.

Midas Future Endeavours

The Midas Protocol is working with several development teams around the world, helping them achieve their decentralized goals. Some of them include:

With its wallet services collection and more on the way, Midas Protocol will become a game changer in the industry. To know more about the wallet and the protocol, visit its website: https://midasprotocol.io/

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