Vulcan Value Partners reopens large-cap equity strategies after reinvesting in firm


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Vulcan Value Partners is reopening its three large-cap equity strategies to new investors after closing them in April 2015, the company announced in a news release.

The strategies consist of large-cap equity, focus and focus-plus. Focus and focus-plus both invest in high-quality large-cap stocks and typically hold seven to 14 companies, according to Vulcan Value’s website. Focus-plus doesn’t use leverage and generally uses options instead of buying stock directly.

Vulcan has invested heavily in the company since closing the strategies in 2015, particularly in human resources, systems, infrastructure and artificial intelligence. The company said in the news release that these investments have improved its operational productivity and trade execution capabilities.

“As a result of our investments across the entire business, Vulcan Value Partners now has the capacity to partner with additional clients who share our long-term time horizon and emphasis on risk reduction,” said C.T. Fitzpatrick, CEO and chief investment officer, in the release.

Mr. Fitzpatrick added that “price-to-value ratios are more attractive today than they were four years ago, which creates the opportunity for compelling prospective returns.”

Vulcan now has a larger and more experienced research staff than it did in 2015, as well as a new front-end trading and compliance staff and has hired a new middle- and back-office operations provider, the release said. The company has also added a data warehouse to improve its performance reporting and analytical capabilities.

Vulcan managed $13.5 billion in assets as of April 12.

Bill Hjorth, director of client service, could not be immediately reached for additional information.

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