Particl Marketplace will be released on mainnet next monday! What can we expect on day 1? : CryptoCurrency


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The long awaited decentralised and private marketplace will be released on mainnet next monday 🙂 (aftert +1 year in testnet!)

This is a very different breed than other “decentralised marketplace”, as it is really decentralised:

  • No choosen moderators that censors listings (Listings and marketplaces will be moderated by PART holders)

  • Automated escrow with fully anonymised transactions (RingCT)

  • Full privacy on data, from sellers to buyers, client can be used on Tor

  • No staff at alll, no fees, community owns the marketplace

The best to know-it-all about the marketplace, it to read this post by Cryptoguard: It explains all about:

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