Need a go-to lender, who’s always on? Choose a mortgage broker


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In the mortgage loan process, there are a number of touchpoints where progress can be derailed by everything from a missed signature to a homeowner making a big unexpected purchase. As a real estate professional trying to get buyers into their dream homes, you need an always-on mortgage partner to help you get to the finish line no matter what pops up.

This is what makes mortgage brokers such a great option for you and your homebuyers. Unlike some large retail lenders, online lenders or big bank, independent mortgage brokers live in the same community as you and your buyers and operate from a service-first mentality.

Plus, mortgage brokers rely on relationships with local real estate agents and homebuyers for their success, and delivering a fast, easy process essential for them to get repeat business or referrals. Mortgage brokers are used to working wherever and whenever they’re needed — whether that means sending a pre-approval on a Saturday morning or providing guidance on a Tuesday night. Brokers aren’t limited to bankers’ hours, and that’s a bonus for you and your buyers.

Think about it. Evenings, weekends and holidays are common times for consumers to be out looking at houses. If your contact at a banks leaves the office at 5 on Friday and is out of touch until Monday morning, that can make for a long, frustrating weekend. In the same way, it can be difficult to know who to contact at an online lender when circumstances change quickly, creating uncertainty at a time when your borrowers are already anxious.

By recommending a mortgage broker, you can be sure your clients are not only getting the widest variety of loan products to choose from, you’re also partnering with a mortgage expert who’s available at all hours of the day. Clear lines of communication and quick access to someone who cares goes a long way to providing a superior customer experience for your home buyers — which benefits your referral business, too.

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