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What we have done:

  1. Added MEW (My Ethereum Wallet) support;

  2. Brave browser compatibility tested;

  3. Refresh (page refresh) without login;

  4. Routing – it is possible to send direct link to tower (url);

  5. Screen scale optimized;

  6. Transaction (build/destroy) speed increased;

  7. Charts (axis Y) for high tower fixed;

  8. Sort added for list of all towers;

  9. Account balance validation before action started;

  10. Local database of towers validated;

  11. Exception handling improved;

  12. “About” screen added and available on in-game logo click;

  13. Pending transaction handling improved;

  14. Opera Touch with build-in wallet support added.

You can play in Opera Touch from your tab like iPad or other.

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