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S&P DJI’s China indices offer extensive coverage, including over 4,000 securities across all segments of the Chinese equity market.

S&P China Indices

S&P China Benchmark Indices

Benchmarks for Domestic and Foreign Investors

In December 2013, S&P DJI expanded its existing A-share index offerings with the launch of the S&P China A BMI. At the same time, we introduced the S&P Total China BMI, combining A-shares with offshore listings, in order to provide a comprehensive view of the Chinese equity market. Both indices are constructed based on the well-known S&P Global BMI (Broad Market Index) methodology.

What Share Types Are Inside S&P DJI’s Broadest China Benchmarks?

Share Types in S&P DJI's China Benchmarks

Index Inclusion of China A-Shares Continues to Expand

In September 2019, S&P DJI added eligible China A-Shares that are accessible via the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Northbound Connect or Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Northbound Connect facilities to all our global benchmark indices with an emerging market classification. In consideration of the large size of the market and ongoing efforts to increase accessibility to foreign investors, China A-Shares are represented within these index families at a reduced weight factor of 25% of each company’s investable weight factor.

The following global benchmark families now include eligible China A-Shares: S&P Global BMI, S&P/IFCI, Dow Jones Global Indices, S&P Global Property Indices, S&P Global BMI Shariah, and Dow Jones Islamic Market Indices.

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